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Important information

Chella Toys is now under new management after it's takeover by Wrestling Trader. Following this, Chella Toys has rebranded as Epic Toys.


Firstly, we'd like to thank you all for your patience whilst we continue to clear the backlog of orders. We understand the wait is frustrating, but please rest assured that all orders will be fulfilled. Please see below for some FAQs regarding the changes.

Will I still receive my order?

Yes. We have already despatched thousands of orders from the backlog. We are continuing to do so, and are committed to ensuring everybody gets what they have ordered.

What if I still haven't received my orders?

We appreciate that some people may still be awaiting for orders and we apologise that the wait has been so long. Unfortunately, clearing the backlog has been a very complex and lengthy task with lots of challenges to navigate and over five thousand orders to organise. However, please rest assured that we will continue until each order has been fulfilled, so we really do appreciate your patience.

Why have I not received my Wresting Megastars Blue Giant Haystacks / Wembley Variant Haystacks?

Unfortunately, a lot of the stock we inherited of the Blue and Wembley Variant Haystacks was card damaged. This means we have needed to sort replacements with the factory by sending them back to be re-carded. There is a backlog of work at the factory due to the amount of stuff in production so it's taking longer than we had hoped. We should have a better idea of when we can expect them soon. However, we continue to offer slightly damaged cards to those who are happy to receive them. Please get in touch if you are happy to receive a damaged card.

Will I receive a tracking number?

Whilst we cannot provide tracking numbers for all orders, you should continue to receive an email from Royal Mail with tracking information when they have your order.

What about Uncensored Sabu?

Uncensored Sabu is still due to be released. However, Sabu was not put into production prior to the takeover which has caused delays. Sabu is now in production and due in late-2023.

When is Series 2 due?

Series 2, which includes, King Haku, Tanga Loa, Blue Meanie, Big Stevie Cool and Hollywood Nova, is now in mass production and is expected to be factory-complete in July 2023. ​

What about the BCW Blue Meanie?

The BCW line is now owned and produced by FC Toys (Figure Collections). However, all pre-orders placed through the Chella site remain unchanged and are currently being fulfilled.

What about pre-orders placed through Chella's distribution partners?

All pre-orders placed through any international distribution partner remain unchanged.

We appreciate that you may like to seek updates on orders, however, we are receiving a very high volume of emails and there is currently a 7 working day response time for emails. We kindly ask that you read the FAQs before emailing, as they may provide an answer.

If you have read the FAQs and still need to get in touch, please email Emails must include your full name, order number and address.

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