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Do you have a question about Chella Toys or the action figures we produce? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked question:

What size are the figures in your Wrestling MegaStars line?

Wrestling MegaStars is the flagship line of Chella Toys, and for good reason! This throwback series is composed of 4-inch action figures that are perfectly in scale with the wrestling figures of yesteryear. This allows us to transport older fans back to their earliest collecting days, while simultaneously introducing younger collectors to the joys of retro action figures.

Will figures in your Uncensored series be in scale with other figures in my collection?

We at Chella Toys were overjoyed to announce our ground-breaking new Uncensored Collection. This series will capture unmade legends and indie rising stars in 7-inch scale. This will put them at approximately the same height and build as all other mainstream wrestling action figures. As such, collectors will be able to seamlessly display our Uncensored action figures alongside contemporary-style figures from other manufacturers.

How accurate are your prototype images?

Our concept art and 3D designs accurately capture our vision for the finished product of each figure. While minor changes may be made during the process of physical production, the overall design of Chella figures does not stray far from our prototypes. With this in mind, collectors can pre-order each new release, safe in the knowledge that the finished product will closely represent the prototype images displayed on our website and social media pages.

Do your retro figures have “actions”?

The retro-style action figures featured in our Wrestling MegaStars line do not have “actions”. However, they do boast varying points of articulation to pay homage to the actions of early ‘90s figures and allow collectors to display them in a wide array of poses.

If I order a figure in damaged packaging, what condition will the figure itself be in?

We take great care (and pride!) in the production of our action figures. On rare occasions, however, their packaging may become damaged. Damaged packaging figures are listed on our online store at a reduced rate. Despite the condition of its card, each damaged packaging figure is in absolute mint condition. This makes them the perfect choice for wrestling fans who prefer to open their figures up for display or play.

How can US collectors order Chella figures?

Chella Toys is based in the West Midlands, England, but that doesn’t mean American collectors have to wait months and pay hefty shipping prices to order our figures. If you’re based in the
United States, you can easily secure our action figures through our American distributors and &

What is your returns policy?

Chella Toys accepts all unopened returns within 14 days of the date of delivery. However, we cannot accept returns that have been opened, worn, or played with. If you purchased a Chella Toys figure from a third-party or other distributor, we suggest contacting your point of purchase to discuss their specific returns policy.

What are your shipping rates?

While we strive to keep our prices as low as possible, shipping rates will vary from customer to customer. You may see your shipping costs rise or fall depending on where you are in the world. This is dictated by the custom fees of each country and is out of the control of Chella Toys.

How can I keep up with your most recent releases?

If you are a Chella Toys fanatic and want to stay up to date with our latest releases, you can do so by following us on Instagram at @chellatoys. There, we regularly reveal concept art for upcoming figures, along with pre-order dates and fun teases to keep our followers guessing. We can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. You can even reach out to us directly via the Contact section of our website!

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