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About Us.

United Kingdom Based Action Figure Company.

Chella Toys is quickly becoming one of the pre-eminent names in the world of wrestling action figures, but who exactly are we and why do we do what we do? We are Charles and Ella, two big kids with a passion for all things pro wrestling, especially the figures!. Like so many collectors, our obsession with wrestling figures began in the early 90s, unboxing our favourite superstars on Christmas morning and eagerly recreating their most thrilling Saturday morning showdowns.  

As the years wore on, the availability of those sacred 4-inch figures decreased, but our love for them only deepened. We became all too familiar with the pain of scouring eBay and yard sales in search of mementos from the golden age of wrestling action figures. Finally, in 2020, we decided to take matters into our own hands and satisfy our craving - and the craving of so many other collectors - for retro-style figures. And so Chella Toys was born. 

From our workshop in England’s West Midlands, we create officially-licensed action figures of some of the biggest names in both the history and future of professional wrestling. All feature the incredible detailing and accuracy that only true hardcore collectors can achieve. Our flagship line, Wrestling MegaStars, recreates the look and feel of the wrestling figures that made all of our childhoods so awesome. Our recently announced Uncensored series, meanwhile, focuses on contemporary-style 7-inch figures, all of which boast enhanced articulation. 

Whether you prefer retro-styled figures or something a little more modern, Chella Toys has the figures for you. We are excited to help you expand your collection with unmade legends, rising stars, and everything in between!

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Our Incredible Team

Brian Tipping

2d Artist & Designer

Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Brian Tipping boasts an extensive knowledge of professional wrestling from both sides of the pond. This almost encyclopedic knowledge of the sport we all love is rivalled only by his artistic prowess. Together, these gifts have allowed Brian to create the mind-blowing concept art that introduces Chella fans to each new release. Brian has certainly come a long way from bringing his wrestling figures with him to primary school, and he is sure to go much further.

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