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Official Big Daddy Retro Action Figure

Official Big Daddy Retro Action Figure

Many modern fans will never understand the magnitude of Big Daddy and what he meant to British professional wrestling. There was no name bigger, metaphorically and literally, than the barrel-chested brawler. Whether he was performing in front of thousands of people in Wembley stadium or plying his craft in one of Britain’s many civic halls, Big Daddy had everybody in the building on their feet, chanting “Easy” and singing along to his signature theme, “We Shall Not Be Moved”. Yet in spite of his unyielding stardom, Big Daddy’s heroism was never captured in action figure form… Until now.


Furthering our mission to bring hard-hitting British tradition to detolfs around the world, we at Chella Toys take great pride in introducing the world’s first Big Daddy action figure. As part of our Wrestling MegaStars line, this figure comes in 4-inch scale, making it the perfect compliment to our retro figure of Giant Haystacks, Big Daddy’s fiercest rival. Daddy comes decked out in his trademark low-cut singlet, with sprawling red letters displaying his name, lest any younger fans be in doubt about the identity of the latest addition to your collection. Further identifiers can be found on his black ring boots, which bear his initials in white lettering. A gorilla press pose with 360-shoulder rotation allows collectors to recreate some of Daddy’s amazing feats of strength. Also included with this figure are a glittering top hat and vest, the entrance gear that made the arrival of Big Daddy the magnificent spectacle that it was.


Big Daddy the man shall not be moved, that’s for sure. However, Big Daddy the figure is certain to move faster than any other release in Chella history. Place your pre-order today to add this long-awaited piece of British wrestling history to your collection.


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