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Official Chella Toys Uncensored Sabu Action Figure.

Official Chella Toys Uncensored Sabu Action Figure.

Marketing 101 would advise against mentioning homocide, suicide, and genocide when promoting a product. That is, of course, unless the product in question is the second release in our Uncensored line of action figures. Introducing the latest addition to the Chella Toys family, the homocidal, suicidal, genocidal, death-defying maniac, Sabu! Sabu’s Uncensored debut comes in our ultra-realistic 7-inch scale. This allows him to be displayed alongside all mainstream wrestling figure lines, as well as alongside the Dynamite Kid figure that kickstarted the series. In order to stay true to the Uncensored name, our designers diligently worked to recreate the scars that adorn Sabu’s body, a reminder of his dedication to the extreme style he pioneered.


A white bandage around Sabu’s arm matches his iconic entrance turban, which can be removed to reveal long hair underneath. For those keeping score, this is the first Sabu action figure to feature purple pants. These pants include a number of moulded creases to give them a realistic look without sacrificing posability.


As the first full-size Sabu figure in more than a decade, our Uncensored offering is sure to be snapped up by collectors all over the world, from Bombay, Michigan to the jungles of East St. Paul. Pre-order yours today and make your collection extreme!


Estimated Delivery before or by Febuary 2023.

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