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Tanga Loa Wrestling Megastars

Tanga Loa Wrestling Megastars

At Chella Toys, our love of professional wrestling is not limited to one particular region of the world. We adore this great sport in all its forms, whether it emanates from the United Kingdom, the USA, or Japan. That’s why we are delighted to announce one of the cornerstones of NJPW as the latest addition to our Wrestling MegaStars line. We are talking, of course, about Tanga Loa.


As any true wrestling nerd will tell you, Loa is the son of pro wrestling legend Haku. This makes the pair the first father/son duo to be captured in figure form here at Chella Toys, with Haku also making an appearance in Wrestling MegaStars Series 2. But Tanga Loa is a whole lot more than just Haku’s son. He is an accomplished competitor in his own right, having racked up numerous accolades as both a singles and tag-team performer. This figure, featuring Loa’s grey and gold ring gear, pays tribute to the most prolific period of his career thus far.


Despite the extreme attention devoted to capturing every detail of the NJPW icon’s ring gear - right down to the studs of his belt - our expert designers did not phone it in when it came to recreating other aspects of Loa’s appearance. His gloved hands are clenched into fists, while his fiery head sculpt leaves no doubt as to what he intends to use them for. Rotation at the shoulders, neck, and waist allow for maximum possibility without sacrificing the retro feel that collectors love about our Wrestling MegaStars line.


The release marks Tanga Loa’s action figure debut, so this is guaranteed to be a sellout just as the man himself is guaranteed to attain legend status. Place your pre-order today and be one of the first people in the world to own an officially lice

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