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Wembley Giant Haystacks Variant Pre-Order

Wembley Giant Haystacks Variant Pre-Order

Seconds away, round one! It is indeed round one for Giant Haystacks, whose inclusion in Series 2 of our Wrestling MegaStars line marks the very first time the British wrestling legend has been captured in action figure form. Though this figure comes some four decades after Haystack’s television debut, we’re sure you’ll agree that it was more than worth the wait.


Despite being perfectly in scale with the rest of our retro-style line, this figure leaves no doubt as to Haystack’s mammoth size. Moulded body contours remind us just how intimidating he was in his prime, during which time he weighed a whopping 685 pounds. This intimidation factor is enhanced by a furious headsculpt, framed by long hair and a wild beard. An open right hand allows collectors to recreate Haystack’s vice-like grip, while the closed left fist delivers the knockout blow that made him a tag team champion alongside “The Dynamite Kid” Tom Billington. Billington is himself featured in Series 1 of Wrestling MegaStars, making Chella Toys the place to go if you’re a Stampede fanatic!


Our Series 2 Giant Haystacks action figure is available in two separate colours. The chase version, features the brown gear he wore during his epic Wembley encounter with Big Daddy. Both figures feature a removable soft goods coat.


As the first ever Giant Haystacks figure in existence, you can be sure this product will become as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster. To avoid disappointment - and to increase your chances of securing the mega rare chase variant - pre-order yours today!

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