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Adam Bomb Pre-Order!

Adam Bomb Pre-Order!

Introducing the first legend to be immortalized in Wrestling MegaStars Series 2, from Three Mile Island, Adam Bomb! Mr. Polo’s estranged client has the distinction of being the first wrestler to be featured in both the Chella Toys retro line and the original early ‘90s series that spawned a generation of wrestling figure fanatics. Bomb’s rookie figure captured the future Hall of Famer in his debut appearance. Our Wrestling MegaStars rendition serves as the perfect complement to this and comes decked out in the attire he wore during his very first pay-per-view performance.
Like every Wrestling MegaStars offering, the Series 2 Adam Bomb is designed to be in scale with all retro-style wrestling figures. In just 4 inches, the expert craftspeople here at Chella Toys have masterfully captured all 6 feet, 6 inches, and 300-plus pounds that made Bomb such a formidable force inside the squared-circle. A grimacing head sculpt and eye-catching neon singlet are guaranteed to make this figure stand out in even the most overflowing of detolfs. Meanwhile, a pair of removable goggles allow collectors to display the nuclear heat magnet in his iconic entrance gear or to recreate his most fearsome in-ring moments.
With articulation at the shoulder joints and a nostalgia-inducing gorilla press pose, the Wrestling MegaStars Series 2 Adam Bomb is the ideal tag-team partner - or maybe even opponent - for his beloved 1993 counterpart.
This is a limited edition figure and is certain to fly off our virtual shelves, so be sure to order yours today to avoid chronic disappointment!

Estimated shipping date before or by March 2022.
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