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The Blue Meanie is a legend of professional wrestling and truly one of the sport’s unsung heroes. But despite his popularity, there was a time when it was impossible to find an officially-licensed Blue Meanie action figure. At Chella Toys, we have worked to right this wrong and have included not one, but two figures of the extreme legend in our Wrestling MegaStars series alone. With this in mind, it seems only right to kick off our latest line with another representation of the Blue World Order leader.

This incarnation of The Blue Meanie has the distinction of being the first figure in our Bone Crushing Wrestlers series. As its name suggests, this line pays tribute to the wrestling figures that were the backbone of each 1990s fig fed. Every effort has been made to accurately recreate those nostalgia-inducing pieces of rubber, meaning this Blue Meanie figure features five points of articulation and, of course, bone crushing action.


When it comes to ring gear, this is the first Blue Meanie figure to feature the legend’s name on his belly top, making him perfect for display sans his b.W.O brethren. The moulding of his arms, combined with complete shoulder articulation, makes it easy for the figure to perform his trademark Meanie Dance. If this doesn’t make him stand out in your detolf, you can be sure his popping blue hair and open-mouthed head sculpt will.

As the first action figure to feature bone crushing action in two decades, this latest Meanie model is going to be snapped up quickly, so be sure to order yours before it’s too late. Indeed, there is no better way to kick off BCW than with b.W.O.

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