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bWo Bundle!

bWo Bundle!

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Did you miss out on the groundbreaking Chella Toys Mind of the Meanie two-pack? Or were you one of the lucky few who picked it up before it sold out, yet still feel like your Meanie collection is incomplete? Whatever the answer, we’ve got you covered with the latest addition to our Wrestling MegaStars line!


This figure marks the first time a wrestler has appeared twice in the Wrestling MegaStars series. While The Blue Meanie’s first Chella figure saw him as he appears today, this release captures him during his time leading The Blue World Order. Meanie’s trademark crop top bears the logo of his beloved b.W.o, while his denim shorts feature a frayed hem. The figure’s long hair is cropped into a ponytail and his pointed beard draws attention to an energetic pout and painted eyemask. Collectors should keep their eyes peeled for a chase variant of this figure which features black facial hair to complement the Meanie’s blue goatee. 


Unlike our earlier Blue Meanie action figure, this offering has rotation at the neck. It also boasts full shoulder rotation, allowing collectors to display him in his iconic Meanie Dance pose.


Given the record-breaking sales of our Mind of the Meanie two-pack, it’s safe to say that our b.W.o Meanie is going to sell out quickly. Pre-order yours today to avoid feeling blue with disappointment!


At Chella Toys, we are proud to be one of the most popular independent manufacturers of wrestling figures in the world. In fact, you might even say we’re taking over! We’re trying to stay modest, so we wouldn’t say that ourselves, but a certain Wrestling MegaStar might. We’re talking, of course, about Big Stevie Cool!


The Chella Toys Big Stevie Cool is the latest step in our mission to help extreme wrestling fans everywhere complete their Blue World Order collection. With his b.W.o crop top, grey biker shorts, and smiling head sculpt, the latest addition to our Wrestling MegaStars line serves as the perfect complement to our b.W.o Blue Meanie action figure. That being said, this is a hell of a figure in its own right. 


Full rotation at the waist and shoulders allows for a number of display options, while a tall, athletic frame leaves no doubt as to Stevie’s athletic prowess, even in 4-inch scale. Meanwhile, a pair of black molded sunglasses will remind everybody who gazes upon your collection just why he was known as Big Stevie Cool at this pivotal juncture in his career. 


Whether you’re a fan of extreme professional wrestling or are looking to add a little heat to your collection, our Wrestling MegaStars Big Stevie Cool is a must buy. So what the CENSORED are you waiting for? Place your pre-order today!


It’s a question as old as time itself: whatcha’ gonna do when Hollywood Nova runs wild on you? Well, now wrestling figure collectors everywhere are about to find out! That’s because the newest signee to our Wrestling MegaStars retro figure line is the man himself!


We have used our patented Chella System to produce the first ever Hollywood Nova action figure! Like our Wrestling MegaStars Blue Meanie and Big Stevie Cool figures, our Hollywood Nova comes decked out in a Blue World Order crop top. He is also wearing a blue bandana bearing the word “Hollywood”, a tribute - or insult, depending on how you look at it - to another wrestling megastar. The figure’s weight belt also features this inscription, while his posed biceps assure us that the belt isn’t just for show. Nova’s hands are clenched into fists and covered by shining gold gloves. These gloves are topped with little horns in a testament to our design team’s attention to detail. 


This action figure features multiple points of articulation, with rotation at the shoulders, neck, and wasit. These posability possibilities, along with an eye-catching combination of blue and gold ring gear, make our Wrestling MegaStars Hollywood Nova perfect for any display. 


Fans of the Blue World Order have been eagerly awaiting a Hollywood Nova action figure since the group’s debut all the way back in 1996. With such fervent anticipation behind it, our Wrestling MegaStars Nova won’t be in stock for long, so don’t delay! Hop on your virtual segway and place your order now!

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