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King Haku Wrestling Megastars action Figure

King Haku Wrestling Megastars action Figure

No list of legit professional wrestling tough guys would be complete without Haku. The same can be said of retro figure collections, which have been left tragically incomplete for more than three decades. Now, with Haku’s inclusion in Wrestling MegaStars Series 2, you can finally fill the colossal void in your collection!


Wrestling MegaStars Series 2 Haku boasts a realistic head scan which displays the quiet confidence of a man who knows he can knock out anybody in the room (or on your detolf, for that matter). His outstretched right arm features an authentic retro-style elbow joint - a Wrestling MegaStars first - and is topped with a clenched first. His left arm features 360 shoulder rotation, along with an open palm to deliver the devastating Tongan Death Grip.


Haku’s three-quarter length tights are adorned with crown decals and come to rest just under a pair of moulded knee pads. His educated feet are bare but for a black bandage that partially covers the left foot. This marks the first time Haku’s trademark foot covering has appeared on one of his figures.


Collectors have been dreaming of a retro-style Haku for decades, so you can be certain this figure will sell-out quickly. You do not want to turn your nose up at the opportunity to pre-order it!

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