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Uncensored Collection Dynamite Kid Pre Order

Uncensored Collection Dynamite Kid Pre Order

Chella Toys collectors - not to mention the entire Chella team - were ecstatic when we announced our upcoming Uncensored Collection. This series is composed of fully-articulated 7-inch figures, all of which promise unsurpassed attention to detail. We’re sure you’ll agree that there is no wrestler more fitting to kick off the Uncensored line than The Dynamite Kid himself, Tom Billington. A high-flyer, a submission specialist, and a powerhouse all in one, The Dynamite Kid rose from humble Manchester beginnings to become one of the most respected in-ring performers of all time. Whether teaming with his cousin in the United States or putting on five-star clinics in Japan, this Wigan bulldog refused to censor his hard-hitting style and the fans loved him for it. The Chella Toys Uncensored Dynamite Kid captures the polarizing legend during the most prolific period of his career. His pristine white tights, combined with incredibly detailed red and blue boots, pay tribute to Dynamite’s early days spent wrestling in civic halls across the United Kingdom. His head sculpt, meanwhile, exudes a brooding intensity that would send police, sheriffs, and even mounties running for the hills. The display possibilities afforded by this figure’s multiple points of articulation are further enhanced by two pairs of interchangeable hands. These hands can be easily inserted into the figure’s moulded wrist tape according to the preferences of the collector. Along with being the founding figure of our Uncensored Collection, this Dynamite Kid will also be the first Chella Toys release to feature a chase variant. This variant will include the same articulation, sculpting, and accessories that make our primary release so impressive. However, it will also come kitted out in blue and white tights, complemented by unblemished red knee pads. Both the primary and chase Uncensored Dynamite Kid will be in scale with all mainstream contemporary-style wrestling action figures. This will allow collectors to finally recreate Billington’s most iconic showdowns, while also opening the door to dream face-offs with the stars of today. This long overdue figure has been a dream piece of American, Japanese, and British wrestling fans alike. So don’t miss out! Order your Uncensored Dynamite Kid - and perhaps even the chase variant - today.- Estimated Shipping date 1st Quarter of 2022.-(- We are aiming for shipping this year.-)
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